Smoothflow was established in 1992 as a small, focused, Commissioning company by Darrell Lewis. The Commissioning business has continued to expand and, in 2004, Shaun Abbott joined Smoothflow creating one of the first fully integrated Water Treatment and Commissioning companies in the UK.

Our range of Projects now executed varies from small hospitality & retail, through pharmaceutical & healthcare to large Commercial/Residential developments, and everything in-between.

Smoothflow Commissioning & Water Treatment have continued to grow & augment; enabling execution of ever-larger and more complex Projects, for a continually expanding client-base. As a result it now turns over approx £4m a year employing over 40 full-time Commissioning and Water Treatment staff. Maintaining very-high standards has been the core principle that has facilitated and enhanced Smoothflow’s development, over the past 25 years.

Smoothflow has been heavily involved with the Commissioning Specialist Association since its inception. A strong training programme is at the heart of Smoothflow and continues to invest into our industry by the introduction of 3-4 new apprentices annually; also prioritising continual professional development of all staff-members, at all levels.

Currently Smoothflow has representation on both Main & Technical Sub-Committees of the CSA. Darrell Lewis sat on the Technical Sub-Committee involved in the production of a number of widely used commissioning publications. Shaun Abbott is highly regarded throughout the industry and sat on the committee that produced the AG 1/2001 BSRIA Flushing Application Guide.  Shaun Matthews currently sits on the committee responsible for production of the 2014 edition of the Commissioning Engineers Compendium.

Smoothflow are corporate members of BSRIA, CHAS & Safecontractor

  • Permits earlier commencement of flushing
  • Is not constrained by availability of water supply or drainage
  • Removes time consuming conventional stages
  • Facilitates earlier system witnessing of results
  • Utilises instant on-site monitoring of micro-organisms
  • Can be effluent free on suitable installations, bringing environmental benefits to the project.