Smoothflow Water Treatment Ltd offers comprehensive on site services for Mechanical Contractors and Building Owners involved in new and existing Heating & Cooling & Domestic Water pipe work systems.

Smoothflow Water Treatment can provide the following services:

Disinfection of Domestic Water Systems
New Domestic water pipe work installations are disinfected in accordance with BS6700 or HSE L8. This is a requirement of new installation specifications and ensures that water quality for potable use is provided to the end user. On occasions disinfection is required within existing installations where problems with microbiological quality have been found.

Pre commissioning Chemical Cleaning of New Mechanical Water Systems
Smoothflow Water Treatment Ltd offers a comprehensive on site services for Pre Commissioning Chemical Cleaning of new Heating & Cooling pipe work installations in line with the BSRIA Flushing Guide AG1.2001.1.

This process designed to remove installation debris and passivate new Heating & Cooling internal pipe work installations to provide a sound basis for long term water treatment maintenance to continue.

This is an essential part of the pre commissioning process to ensure that adequate water quality exists to allow proportional water balancing and Heating & Cooling system efficiency.

Chemical Cleaning and Treatment of Existing Mechanical Water Systems
The chemical treatment of existing Heating & Cooling pipe work installations can be an affective way of prolonging the systems life and improving efficiency. Smoothflow is able to provide comprehensive advise and detailed method statement and programs to suite existing building use and needs, together with the necessary resources to carry out the works.

Taking of water sample for independent analysis
Sampling for validation purposes or for problem solving where water is used in Heating & Cooling System, or Domestic Water services. Additionally sample to determine where ingress water has come from can also be carried out.

Monitoring of existing mechanical Water services for the maintenance of water conditions including corrosion control.

Supply of Dosing Pots & Sample Coolers
Smoothflow’s aim is to provide a quality service to our customers with the support and advice that would develop within such a relationship to allow mutual benefit and satisfy the needs of the project in hand. We are building the same relationships with our suppliers to draw on their specialist technical expertise.

Smoothflow can offer to package the water treatment and commissioning activities, this has the benefit of minimising the management required by identifying situations earlier in the programme.